Cass Shape wears Shaping Dress: Making you Look Slim with Style!

Published: 30th June 2011
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Among the very popular shape wear brands is the Cass Shape wears. Cass happens to be an American Luxury shape wear brand which is known worldwide for their very innovative collection of shaping tops, bottoms and dresses. They work with the objective to make women look slim, give a lift and smooth look without making any compromise on the comfort and style.

Many other shape wear brands offer shaping tops and bottoms but once of the shape wear product which is a trademark is the Cass Shape wear shaping dress. Cass started offering this shaping dress back in 2005 and was an instant hit in all the US departmental stores. This Cass Shape wears shaping dress is a very luxurious and fashionable product which all fashion freaks love to wear. These shaping dresses are capable of smoothing and shaping the silhouette from neck to the knee, beneath all dresses and skirts or other outfits. They have all sorts of variety from bridal wear to casual wear and to professional to leisure wear.

Outstanding Features of Cass Shape wear Shaping Dress:

The features which make this shape wear shaping dresses unique and favorite include their quality of remaining invisible beneath all dresses and skirts. It helps in removing fat from the tummy, rear and thighs very instantly and they never cling. It has perfect foundation silks and it forms fitting knits. It can be worn above panties and bras to hide them and it can also be worn as underwear to avoid panty and bra lines.

Some of the popular Cass Shape wear shaping dresses are V- Cami dress which has spaghetti straps and is perfect to be worn under summer tops, dresses and blouses. Halter Dress Slip which is perfect to be worn under a backless dress. Under Bust Dress which is ideal for a huge bust and helps wear a bra in comfort. 2-in-1 Full Slips Dress is a full body shaper and is strapless. V-Neck Dress is perfect to hide bra and panty lines.

These are just some of the shaping dresses and there is a huge variety of dress in real. They are made especially with the invisupport fabric system which is a blend of microfiber and makes the invisupport to disappear magically and perfectly. These Cass Shape wear shaping dresses are capable of controlling the moisture and temperature of the body and stays in an ideal form not matter how much you move about. They help smooth and control the body to lift and slim without the use of padding or underwire. Once you wear any of the Cass Shape wear shaping dress you would notice that you immediately start looking slimmer.

The Cass Shape wear shaping dresses are perfect in all ways and if you are thinking to buy a shape wear which you donít want to be a burden and provide you with full luxury and comfort then you should really go for these shaping dress. Once you wear them you will be able to feel and tell the difference.

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